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THE FOUNDATION DR. CARLOS CANSECO GONZÁLEZ DISTRICT 4190 A.C. was constituted in 2003, when a group of friends joined by their will to serve human beings in need, decided to name this Foundation on behalf of such a great doctor. They named it Dr. Carlos Canseco González in recognition of his reat humanitarian services. He was the first Mexican president of Rotary International (in the 1984-1985 period), during which he created the Polio Plus program to eradicate this disease from the face of the earth. As of today, there are still some breakouts in far away regions of Africa and India.

Our Foundation’s goa lis to look for the necessary support and cannel it to offer benefits to the very needy children and adults in Veracruz, in order to improve the quality of their lives.

Our history started when AUSTIN SMILES MEDICAL MISSION accepted the misión, in an altruistic and benevolent manner, of providing free plastic and reconstructive surgery to needy children and adults in Veracruz.


THE FOUNDATION DR. CARLOS CANSECO GONZÁLEZ DISTRICT 4190 A.C. together with the Patronato de Asistencia Mèdica Social de Fortín A.C., the DIF of the cities and communities of Veracruz, the CNDPI, the Rotary Clubs of District 4190 and other governmental insitutions have reached the farthest places of our state and with the support of humanitarians and other groups offering services, as well as prívate enterprises, during FOUR CAMPAIGNS OF SURGERIES FOR LIP AND CLEFT PALATE, SNDACTILIA AND BURN CONSEQUENCES we have achieved:


When some children are rejected, we offer them presurgery treatments, for example nutritional, odontologic or orthodontic treatment, in order that they may be operated on in the next campaign.

We follow-up with patients who have had surgery and who need language therapy, orthodontic treatments, masks, rehabilitation treatments, etc.

We have also donated food, light mattresses, shampoos, baby oils, creams and medicines to our patients and to other institutions, like Red Cross, and others who take care of elders, abandoned, cchildren, children with cáncer, etc.

We hope that more people join our Foundation in order to continue with such great work.